The See of Ebbsfleet issues a monthly intercession article.

Please click here to view it and use it with your regular intercessions.

Below is a list of those in our own parish who are ill or who have asked to be remembered in our prayers:



Fr Robert Pitt  

S. Mark's

George Blake  
Barbara Allen  
Peter Dance  
Elaine Dodson  
Sybil Joan Frostick  
Dnnis Lidgley  
Betty Mitchell  
Jane Shrimpton  

S. Saviour’s

Norma Allum  
Elaine Baker  
Amy Chapman  
Tamsin Davis  
Kenneth Gordon  
Edward Glass  
Jean Holley  
Sheila Maslin  
Helen Robinson  
Terry Venn-Adams  
Clive Viner  
Alan Woodward  



S. Luke’s

Ermina Afonso  
Gordon Clack  
Diana Law  
Cyril Legg  
Ann Ryan  
June Tatt  
Barbara Tomkins  

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