Photograph of an infant being baptised by the Team Vicar

Your child's Baptism, or their Christening as it is sometimes known, is the beginning of an exciting journey of faith.  It is a special celebration in which we thank God for his gift of life and we publically thank God for his love.  Baptism is also the service through which your child becomes a member of the Christian family of the Church.  Together with the godparents, you are invited to make promises on your child's behalf, which involve turning away from selfishness and all that is evil, in order to turn towards Christ.  Baptism is not only for infants, however, teenagers and adults can also be baptised.

Baptisms normally take place during the main Sunday morning services of our parish, but they can also take place on a Sunday afternoon.  It is the custom to have up to three godparents (two male and one female for a boy; two female and one male for a girl) but this is not a strict rule.  The only requirement is that godparents must have been baptised themselves.

Once your child's baptism has been arranged, one of the clergy team will arrange to see you at the church, in order to explain the service and its meaning.  There is no charge for a baptism service.

To enquire about a Baptism please e-mail us or contact our Parish Office on Telephone: 01793 538220.