The Parochial Church Council (the PCC) has a responsibility, together with the clergy, for: the fabric and care of the church; finances; the conduct of worship; the pastoral support and mission of the church.

Elections to the PCC take place each year at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  Any worshipper who is on the parish electoral roll is eligible to stand for election to the PCC. 

Currently our PCC members are as follows:

Mr John Bishop

Mr Alasdair Skeil

Deputy Churchwarden:

Mr Sandy Steele-Davis

Mr John Bishop email: johnfbishop@btinternet.com

Mr Graham Hogan  email:  pcc.secretary@btinternet.com

PCC Members:

Mrs S Carvel Mrs A Dutton Mr M Edwards
Ms M Gladman Mrs C Green Mrs P Gordon
Mr G Hogan Dr J Huby Mr M Jell
Mrs L McEntee Mrs C McKinlay Mrs P Mortimer
Mrs V Pepper Mrs R Schofield Mrs M Steele-Davis
Mr D Stephenson Mrs C Tiller Mrs H Watt